TUREMOS - Modular implant system for tumor surgery

Tumor Surgery


  • Primary and secondary tumors in and around the proximal femur
  • Complete replacement of the femur in case of expanded tumors
  • Comminuted fractures with demolition of the Trochanter region
  • Reoperations and revisions after massive bone loss


  • Continuous adjustability of the ante- and retro torsion
  • Modular adjustability of the resection length
  • Combined titanium-HA-coating for primary and secondary stability
  • Option for fixation in the diaphysis or metaphysis


Tumor implants for hip-, knee-, shoulder-, elbow joints as well as complete long bone replacements are available.

Turemos Schematic Upper Extremity
Turemos Schematic Lower Extremity

Manufacturer Argomedical AG / Schweiz