Pedofix® - innovative Plating system for osteotomy and arthrodesis of the fore and hind foot

Foot Surgery

Pedofix® was developed in cooperation with the Waldkrankenhaus Rudolf-Elle (Orthopedic Clinic of the FSU Jena) and covers a large part of the osteosynthesis indications (arthrodeses and osteotomies) on the forefoot and hindfoot.

This implant is combined with a cannulated cancellous bone screw (OD 3. 5 mm), which acts as a dorsal compression screw for the arthrodesis.

The "System Part 2. 7" has screws of Ø 2. 7 mm in both versions. The main indications for this system are the basic open osteotomy at metatarsals 1, the Lapidus arthrodesis, the Akin osteotomy, the arthrodesis of the metatarsal joint of the big toe, the closed osteotomy at the base of metatarsals 1 and others.

A separate 2. 7mm set for Lapidus arthrodesis is available (after Springfeld/Hamburg and Sikorski/Aachen). In addition to the plates and screws this set contains cannulated traction screws for the compression of metatarsal I to the medial os cuneiform.