Movement without pain. RegJointTM is the convincing option of a biodegradable implant as a joint replacement for painful small joints on the hand and foot.

It is a soft, highly porous PLDLA polymer cushion that is completely resorbed by the body. During the resorption process, RegJointTM is replaced by the body's own fibrous tissue, creating a new, functional pseudo-joint with good mobility. The retention of the joint gap and thus the limb length gives a visually appealing result and the strength is retained. The operation is time-saving and can be performed as outpatient or inpatient surgery.

OUP 2015; 9: 442-447 DOI 10.3238/oup.2015.0442-0447
5-year study: Hassel K, May S, May B. , 5-year results of a new biodegradable implant for the treatment of hallux rigidus. A prospective randomized study.