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Coronavirus, important information

Our company has taken all necessary steps to ensure supply and technical support even in these difficult times.

Our customer service also continues to work reliably so that our products reach you safely and on time.

Since 1989 Argomedical develops, produces and markets high quality products for orthopedics and traumatology. A committed management and a well formed, enthusiastic team have created an environment that is perfect for stake holders and customers.

In collaboration with recognized, multidisciplinary specialists we have developed solutions and enabled a large number of operators to use our products.

Uncompromised independency and a clear statement to performance distinguish us from others.

As worldwide recognized MedTech specialist and Swiss corporation we guarantee for quality, reproducibility and innovation. We provide speed in development, modern technology and manufacturing. The permanent contact to experts and loyal customers enable the scientific verification. Consistent success can be reached only through constant innovation.

We are dedicated and clearly focused on selected surgical specialties.

Our quality conforms to ISO/EN 13485 and to the MDD 93/42 EEC for medical products.